Greek Banks iOS (EN)

Search all Bank branches in Greece. (address, map location, phone, fax, e-mail, IBAN,...)

Greek Catalogue – Banks

What is this app

App is a catalague of all bank branches in Greece.

Which Banks are included

All Banks (Greek and Foreign) with at least one branch in Greece.

How to search

Searching is easy : just move the ‘rollers’ and info for the branch is visible at the center of the screen. NO typing is needed.

What info do I get

Info is : Bank Name, Bank Codeς, Branch Name, Branch Code, Address, Phone, Fax, Location on the Map, e-mail for every branch (applicable for 2 Banks so far)

Verification of IBAN number

App can ‘verify’ and ‘create’ valid IBAN and bank acount numbers for every branch/bank without any typing or internet connection. For bank account creation/validation just move the 16 digits at the botom of the screen. The 16 digit number you see is a ‘valid’ Bank Account number. Also the 25 digit you see at the top of the screen is a valid IBAN number corresponding to the specific Bank/Branch. IBAN number contains the : bank account (16 digits) , Bank Code (3 digits) , Branch Code (4 digits) , security code (2 digits) automatically created by the App.

What can I do with the data

You can store them (applicable in ‘paid version’ of the App only) in a file (csv format) in your device and then transfer it (via iTunes) to your PC/Mac. You can also send it from your device (via e-mail).

Where the data come from

Source of the data is the : Hellenic Bank Association (HBA Data are updated twice a year. Just download the new version from AppStore.

Comment, Request & Bug Report

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